Step 1: Select "Employees" from the main menu.

Step 2: Select an employee from the "All Employees" list.

Step 3: Select "Employment" and scroll down to "Leave Settings" to enable "Pay Annual & Personal Leave" for the employee.

The option to enable leaves for the employee will be active only if the "Employment Basis", of the employee is either "Part-Time" or "Full Time". 

Annual Entitlements:

Once the option for leaves is enabled, you can define the number of allowed annual and personal leaves in either a number of weeks/year or the number of hours/year format.
Minimum numbers as per NES are 4 weeks or 152 hours/year of annual leave and 2 weeks or 76 hours/year of personal leave for a full-time employee.

Opening Balance:

Enter any annual or personal leaves in hours that the employee has already accrued (earned) in the financial year that you've started using Payroo to create your pay runs.

Current Available Balance:

The current available leave balance is updated along with every published pay run.

The annual entitled number of hours is accrued gradually over the year with every pay run and in proportion to the number of hours worked by an employee in the pay run.

Step 4: Click "Save" to update changes.

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