Step 1: Select "Reports" on the menu

Step 2: Select "Filter By Employees", and select "All Employees" or specific employee name for whom you want to generate a payroll summary report

Step 3: Select "Current Financial Year" or "Custom Date" to generate the report for the required period and click on "Download Report" button to download "Payroll Activity Summary" for the employee(s) and date range you've selected.

'Current Financial Year' as of January 2020 covers 01/07/2019 to 30/06/2020 and 'Custom Date' generates payroll activity summary report for specific date range that you can enter in "From Date" and "To Date"

Note: To download a summary report at least one payrun should be published or filed for the employees you select.

Payroll Activity Summary will include:
Item (Salary & Wage (Casual Ordinary Hours),
Tax (PAYG Medicare Levy, Student loan),
Super Contributions (Super Guarantee, Salary Sacrifice, Employer Contribution),
Net Pay / Amount Paid (Net Pay) for Hours/Unit.

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