Step 1: Select "Employees" from the main menu.

Step 2: Select an employee from the "All Employees" list.

Step 3: Select "Profile".

Note: Few employee profile details are mandatory in order to successfully register an employee in Payroo. Mandatory fields are marked with a red dot next to the field name.

3.1 Personal Details:

Update personal details of an employee in this section. All fields in this section are mandatory and include the below fields.

Note: This is how the name of the employee is printed on their payslips, and also reported to the ATO. Birthday / Date of Birth is mandatory for ATO to validate the tax bracket and any other tax offsets that the employee would be claiming.

3.2 Contact Details:

Update the contact details of an employee in this section. 

Note: Each employee within an organization needs to have a unique email address to which the payslips would be sent. Apart from an employee's email address, phone number and home address are also mandatory.
You can always come back to the employee, in the future, to update any of these profile details.

3.3 Emergency Contact (Optional):

Enter emergency contact details of an employee, title, first & last name, relation, and phone number.

Step 4: Click on "Save" to update the "Profile" details of an employee.

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