Payroo is the low-cost single touch payroll provider listed by ATO.


You can add any number of employees on the Payroo portal. You can edit and manage your employee's particulars like their profile, employment details, pay rates, pay items, banking and super details.

Pay Runs

You can create Schedule Pay Runs however you like, include custom pay rates, items, earnings, deductions, allowances, leaves and super rates. You can also send/download payslips anytime through Payroo.


Helpful for companies where their employees work with different clients, this feature allows you to set custom pay rates based on specific clients.


Get comprehensive reports that help you manage your business. You can generate current financial year and custom made payroll summary reports for all your employees anytime through Payroo.


Cater to different leave entitlement scenarios. Automation in Payroo will help you track leave accruals and balances.

Generate ABA Files

Payroo generates ABA files that can be downloaded so that you can upload them to your banking portal to authorise payments quickly.

Multiple organisations

You can add any number of business on Payroo and we will map all those from the backend. You can manage multiple businesses under one master account.

Payroll lodgement:

You can lodge your employees pay event information to the ATO anytime through Payroo.

Time Sheets:

You can create "Time Sheets" to keep a track of employee working hours for the pay period.

Super Payments:

You can create Super batches for the employees, submit and transfer the superannuation funds to the employee super fund account.

Payroo Employee App:

Payroo Employee App is available on Google Play Store and App Store. Employees can have access to their profile, payslips and get instant updates when payroll is created for them.

"Be single touch compliant and report your pay runs to ATO"

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