What you need to know

  • At least one pay run needs to be filed using STP before you can finalise your STP data for that financial year

  • You don't need to process a STP finalisation before your first pay run in the new financial year

  • After your make your first STP submission, producing payment summaries is no longer needed. Instead, file a pay run for the relevant financial year and then finalise your STP data

  • When you successfully finalise your STP data, your employees can login into their my gov accounts to view their information

Review and finalise STP data

  • Before finalising, you can view the summary of the information that we have recorded for each employee. This is available when you navigate to Reports > Payroll Summary. You can also download the Employee Summary to view the summary in a PDF format.

  • If you are happy with the values, you can select the Finalisations tab next to Payroll Summary Report and follow the steps mentioned in the below article to submit finalised numbers to ATO.

Fix an employee's finalised STP data:

You can correct an employee's STP data after submitting it to the ATO

  1. Post an unscheduled pay run to adjust the employee's pay

  2. File the pay run with STP

  3. Review and finalise employee's data again

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