Step 1: Select "Reports" from the main menu.

Step 2: "Payroll Summary" see the list of "Active" & "Terminated" Employees.

Step 3: "Select Date Range" (Previous/Current Financial Year/Custom Date) & click on "Download Full Report" to download "Payroll Summary" of all employees.

Note: Enable "Include Opening Balances" to download payroll summary with opening balances.

Step 4: Open the downloaded report to see "Payroll Activity Summary" of all the employees.

Note: To download a summary report at least one pay run should be published or filed for the employees you select.

Payroll Activity Summary will include:
Opening Balances (Earnings, Taxes & Super)

Item (Salary & Wage (Casual Ordinary Hours),
Tax (PAYG Medicare Levy, Student loan),
Super Contributions (Super Guarantee, Salary Sacrifice, Employer Contribution),
Net Pay / Amount Paid (Net Pay) for Hours/Unit.

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