Step 1: Select "Timesheets" from the main menu.

Step 2: Click on "Create New" on the top right corner

Step 3: Give the necessary details and click on "Create" to create a timesheet.

3.1 Select the "Timesheet Period" as (Weekly/Fortnightly/Monthly/Quarterly) from the given dropdown.

3.2 "Timesheet Start Date" & "Timesheet End Date"

Select the right Timesheet End Date it will automatically update the Timesheet Start Date according to the given Timesheet period frequency.

3.3 "Add Employees" by selecting "Automatically add all the active employees and default working hours" - all the active employees in the company will be added with default working hours in the timesheet and select "Empty timesheet to manually add selected employees" to add employees manually.

3.4 "Create"

Click on create to create a timesheet.

You will see a pop-up message at the bottom of the screen "Created Timesheet" once the timesheet is created successfully.

Step 4: Add "Working Hours".

Click on the drop-down next to the employee name to start adding working hours on daily basis as per the selected timesheet period.

Note: You cannot add working hours to the fields with status N/A as the dates do not fall in the selected timesheet period, go to the next page by clicking ">" this symbol beside the timesheet period to see the remaining dates.

Step 5: Click "Save" to update the changes.

Note: Save the current timesheet page before you move on to the other week of the current timesheet to update the changes.

Step 6: Click on "Publish" to publish the timesheet.

You have now successfully published a "Timesheet".

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