Step 1: Select "Super Batches" from the main menu.

Step 2: Click on "Create Batch".

2.1 Select "Period Starts on" & "Period Ends on" date. From the selected start date and end date, the employees will be added automatically to the super batch, select the "Pay Schedule" (Weekly/ Fortnightly/ Monthly/ Quarterly) and "Contribution Type"(All/Super Guarantee / Salary Sacrifice/ Employer Contribution) from the drop-down.

2.2 Click on "Create" to create a super batch.

You will be notified with a message "created Super Batch" at the bottom of the screen, once it is created successfully.

Step 3: Click on "Validate" Click on validate to validate the employee details before submitting the super batch. Details such as employee's "Superfund Name" "Member Number" "TFN Number"

Make sure to see the warning and error messages before submitting the super batch. Read the error or warning messages and fix them accordingly.

As you can see the validation has been passed successfully and found no issues.

Step 4: Click on "Submit"

Once the details are validated successfully you can now submit the super batch. Click on the "Submit" button at bottom of the screen to submit the super batch.

Step 5: Select "Payment Option" and click on "Submit".

Select your preferred payment option from the drop-down to transfer the funds to the employee super fund account.

Click on "Submit".

You will now see a screen with super batch payment details reference once the batch is submitted successfully.

Also, an email to your registered email address will be sent with payment reference details and submission details of your super batch. The status of the super batch will now be updated to submitted.

Here's the final step to complete the super batch, as you receive the payment reference details to your registered email, you now have to log in to your internet banking portal to make the payment so that the funds are transferred to the employees super fund account.

You can access the details of any created/submitted super batches payments back on the main "Super Batches". From here you can see the batch ID, the Date Created, the Payment Total and the Status of each batch. Clicking on the ID number will open the batch submission details.

The batch status will change as it progresses through the various stages: Created > Draft > Submitted > Success.

Once you see the batch status as "SUCCESS" this states that the funds have reached the employees super fund successfully.

Here's a video for your reference to create a super batch.

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