Payroo is already STP Phase 2 compliant, we are slowly moving users from STP 1 to STP 2 in batches ensuring a smooth transition experience.

Payroo also has secured a deferral for all our customers and partners to start STP Phase 2 reporting from 30 June 2022.

This extension applies to all Payroo Users and you will not need to switch to STP phase 2 until your first pay run after 30 June 2022.

STP Phase 2 reporting will be made available to all Payroo Users before this date.

You will be advised when STP phase 2 becomes available for your company on the Payroo Web App.

To switch over, you will be required to enter extra details about your staff which will be communicated through tutorials, help articles and by our support team.

Why did Payroo Australia secure a deferral?

We’ve worked closely with the ATO and believe the deferral is in the best interests of our customers. The last 18 months have been hard on Australian business owners and preparing for the expanded reporting is not a priority for many businesses and their advisers still feeling the effects of the pandemic and lockdowns.

So let us know if you need more time. Either way, we are able to push the deferral until June 2022 if you need it.

What does my business need to do for STP Phase 2?

You won’t need to do anything! Just keep managing your payroll as you currently are under STP Phase 1. As a Payroo customer, you will automatically be covered by our deferral. You don’t need to apply for anything as a business owner.

You can continue to Report STP as normal until 30 June 2022.

However you can transition to STP phase 2 as soon as it becomes available.

We will send you the updates and tutorials to help you through the process.

The ATO encourage you to transition before the deferral date if you are able to.

If you need more time after June 2022, you will need to apply for extra time through the ATO's Online Services for Businesses or Online Services for Agents.

You will be able to download the official deferral notice from ATO website.

What’s next?

We are slowly transitioning businesses that are ready to switch to STP Phase 2 in batches to make the entire process as simple as possible.

We will be providing further information on STP Phase 2 to all customers as needed.

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