• Child support deduction - To be used when the employee voluntarily wants to have child support deducted from their earnings.

  • Child support garnishee - To be used when an order is in place to deduct child support from the employee's earnings.

To report the child support deductions and garnishees, you need to set up the deductions under settings.

Step 1 - Click on "Settings" > "Payroll" > "Deductions"

Step 2 - Click on "Add New"

Step 3 - Add the "Deduction", select the "ATO Category", add the amount

Check the box "Pre-Taxed" if the deduction type is pre-taxed

Step 4 - Click on "Save"

Step 5 - Click on Pay Runs

Step 6 - Create a pay run, click on the employees name

Step 7 - Under Deductions, click on "+" and add the deductions

Step 8 - Click on "Publish" and "File Now".

Below is the video for your reference:

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