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STP Phase 2
STP Phase 2

Single Touch Payroll Phase 2 information and updates

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How to edit employment basis and employee type?Select appropriate employment basis, employment type
How to update income stream collection for employees?Assign the Income Stream Types to the employees to report their STP to ATO
How to set-up tax treatment code for the employee?Set up the correct Tax Treatment categories for the employee?
How to assign the pre-defined payment classifications to the earnings?To assign the pre-defined payments classifications to the earnings
How to create Lump-Sum Payments?Lump-Sum A (Type R), Lump-Sum A (Type T), Lump-Sum B, Lump-Sum D, Lump-Sum E, Lump-Sum W (Return to Work payment)
How to add lump-sum payments in a pay run?Add lump-sum payments in a pay run, assign lump-sum type payment to a employee.
How to map right ATO categories to allowances?Assign new allowance categories
How to assign ATO categories for deduction?Assign appropriate deduction categories
How to report an employee's child support deductions and garnishees?This article will explain to you how to set up and report an employee's child support deductions and garnishees.
How to create the final termination pay for an employee?Employee Termination Payments
Termination ReasonsTermination reasons
How to add employee termination payments in a pay run?Pay employee final termination payments, Employee Termination Payment in pay run
STP Phase 2: Information for Payroo Users
Single Touch Payroll Phase 2: What to expect and how to get ready?What to expect from STP 2 and how to get ready for phase 2.