Note: Link to the article that explains on how you enable and define leave hours per employee:

Step 1: Select "Pay Runs" from main menu

Step 2: Click on "Create New Pay Run"

Step 3: Select "Pay Schedule" & click on "Create" to create a pay run

Step 4: Click on the blue down arrow & scroll down to "Leaves" section

Rate: You can enter a rate in the rate field if the leave hours are to be paid for. The product of units and rate is added to the employee's Gross earnings and paid leave is printed on their payslip as an Earning.

Current: Current field shows the number of leave hours already accrued (earned) by the employee as a result of all the hours worked until the current pay period.

Remaining: Remaining field shows the number of remaining leave hours after the current pay run is published. Remaining leaves is a result of current leave balance + leave hours accrued (earned) due to the current pay run.

Step 5: Enter the value and rate under "Annual Leave" & "Personal Leave" "Units", "Rate" field to pay leaves.

Step 6: Click "Save" to update changes.

Step 7: Click "Finalise" to publish the pay run.


  • Leave Hours - Number of hours of leave used in this pay period. 

  • Last Pay - Leave balance in hours before the current pay period.

  • Leave Accrued - Number of leave hours earned as a result of the number of hours worked in the current pay period. (Yellow Box)

  • Taken - No of leave hours taken in the current pay period.

  • Leave Remaining - Leave balance in hours available for the next pay period. (Red Box)


Current available leave balance at employee level is auto-updated after every pay run is published.

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