Step 1: Select "Employees" from the main menu.

Step 2: "All Employees"

From here you can quickly view your employee's list in your organization.

Use different filters on this dashboard to find employees easily & get an overview of employee details:

  • "Name" of an employee,

  • "Email" of an employee &

  • "Phone Number" of an employee.

  • "Employee ID" of an employee

  • "Type" of employment of an employee.

  • "Status"(Active/Terminated) of the employee.

Here are few filters for your reference below:

2.1 Employment Type:

Search an employee from the "All Employees" list using the "Employment Type" field to see how many (Casual / Part Time / Full Time / Labour Hire / Director) employees in your organization belong to certain employment types.

Example: If you want to see the number of "Full Time" employees working in your organization. Select "Full Time" as "Employment Type" in the filter to see the number of Full-Time employees.

2.2 Employment Status:

Search employees with "Employment Status" by selecting (Active/Terminated).

Active: Active status help's you to find the number of employees working in the current financial year.
Terminated: Terminated status helps you find the number of employees that have been terminated in the organization.

2.3 Search Employee: Search an employee by their name, email, phone number, employee ID

Example: Type in an employee's first name or the first letter of the name to find the employee in the organization.

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