Step 1: Select "Pay Runs" from main menu.

Step 2: Select a "Published" pay run from "View All Pay Runs" list.

Step 3: Click on "File Now" to file pay run to the ATO.

Step 4: Enter your name (1), declare the the information is correct and true by checking the box (2) and click on "File to ATO" (3)

A notification will pop-up statins "Filed Pay Run Successfully" at bottom right corner of the screen.

Step 5: Pay Run "Status" will change from "Published" to "Submitted" to then "Filed" when the ATO receives the information.

Note: Few things you should know about filing status.

1. Your pay run status will show "Submitted" when you file your pay run. This means that you have successfully sent your pay run information to the ATO and are awaiting for ATO to acknowledge the pay run.

2. Once ATO acknowledges your pay run submission, pay run status will automatically update to “Filed” in few minutes, after ATO approve directly. This might take a maximum of 48 hours in some cases depending on the load on ATO servers.

3. On a very rare occasion, your pay run might get rejected by the ATO. In this case, the status of the pay run will show "Failed" and you will be notified about the reason for rejection. Depending on the reason, you will then have to revert and edit the pay run to fix the error and re-file. We are always available to assist should this rare case occur.

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