Ensure "Leaves" is turned on for the employee ("Employees" > "Employment" > "Leaves Settings") and Annual Entitlements and Opening Balances for Annual and Personal Leaves are defined and saved.

Step 1: Click on "Pay Runs" from the main menu

Step 2: Select the "Pay run" and click on the relevant employee and go to the "Leaves" section

Note: You will see the employee's leave balance under "Balances"

Step 3: You can then enter the number of leave hours under the "Units" section 

Note: "Remaining" leave balance changes dynamically based on the leave units entered.

Step 4: If its paid leave - Enter a "Base Rate" for each leave

Step 5: If its unpaid leave - Enter negative "Base Rate" which would subtract the amount from the employee's earnings

As you increase or decrease the number of hours worked in a payrun, or add a new earning type, leave hours accrued will change dynamically on the "Remaining" leave balance.

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