Step 1: Go to "Pay runs" from the main menu and select the relevant pay run which you want to edit

Note: You can only edit an "unpublished" pay run, you can't edit published/filed pay runs

Step 2: Click on the drop-down button beside each employee's "Net Pay"

Step 3: "Casual Ordinary Hours" for casual employees and "Permanent Ordinary Hours" for permanent employees, is the default earning.

Note: All other extra earnings (overtime, weekend pays, etc.) need to be added in "Settings" under "Pay Items", and then can be added to a pay run from here as extra rows by clicking on "+"

Step 4: You can either change the "Units" or the "Base Rate" to change the earnings amount if required

Step 5: Click on "Save" at the footer of the screen in order to save the values 

Step 6: Click on "Publish" to publish the pay run

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