Please make sure that your business is Registered with Beam before making automated super funds.

Following points to be taken care before creating a super batch

1. Make sure the pay run status is "filed" before you create & submit a super batch for the selected pay frequency or payment date.

2. Employee's super fund details should be updated.

3. Default super fund will be taken if the super fund details are not updated for the employee.

Creating a Super Batch

1. Select "Super Batches" from the main menu

2.Click on "Create Batch" to create a super batch.

You will now need to set up the parameters you would like to filter for super batch

- Date Range: you can choose a date range by month quarter or custom of your choice.
- Pay Schedule: you can filter the batch for All pay schedules or you can create a batch for an individual pay schedule
- Contribution Type: you can filter the batch for all the contributions or you can create a batch for individual contribution type such as "Super Guarantee, Salary Sacrifice and Employer contribution"

Once you have set the parameters for the super batch, click on "CREATE".

Once the batch is created successfully there will be few action items that will have the options available according to the status of the batch. The action items include the following Validate, Submit and Delete.

Validate – After applying the fixes for any errors you will need to validate the batch again.
Submit – The submit option will validate the batch and if it passes validation then the batch will be submitted.
Delete – You can delete the batch at any point, but you will need to be aware that a deleted super batch cannot be recovered or restored and any changes that had previously been made will not be saved.

The Validation Process

Once the batch is created click on validate. Any errors will be highlighted in red at the top, followed by any warnings in yellow. You will notice the option to VALIDATE is still appearing in the left corner.. any errors will need to be rectified prior to submitting the batch. After the errors have been fixed you will need to VALIDATE the batch again. Or, you do have the option to exclude the employees with errors and submit the batch.

To exclude an employee from the batch you will need to click on the Remove button next to the employees' name.

NOTE – If you have excluded an employee by mistake you can include them back into the batch again by clicking on the search bar and select their name from the given list.the Include option next to the employee’s name

Batch Submission & Status Progression

Once all the validation errors have been rectified the "Submit" option will appear as an Action item. When you click on "Submit" a pop-up screen will appear where you will need to select the payment details for the batch. There are 3 options for payment: Direct Debit, EFT and BPAY. (There is also the option to use these options as a default for future batches)

Direct Debit
If you select direct debit as the payment option you will be prompted to select the bank account you would like the funds to be debited to.

  • If you submit the contribution before 3.30 pm AEST on a business day, Beam will debit the nominated account on that day, if you submit the contribution on or after 3.30 pm AEST on a business day, or on a non-business day, Beam will debit the nominated account on the next business day,

  • Funds debited from the nominated account(s) will be sent to the nominated superannuation fund(s) within 5 business days, which includes the time it will take for the funds to clear.

Direct Credit (EFT) – If you select direct credit (EFT) as the payment option you will be provided with payment instructions once the batch has been submitted. You will see the Payment Reference in the batch submission screen.

BPAY – If you select BPAY as the payment option you will be provided with payment instructions once the batch has been submitted.

Once the super batch is submitted successfully you will see a pop up with payment reference details on the payroo web app and also an email to your registered email address is sent with "Super Batch Submitted Successfully"

Super Batch Payment Details on Payroo app

Super Batch Submitted Successfully Email.

Here's the final step to complete the super batch, as you receive the payment reference details to your registered email, you now have to login to your internet banking portal to make the payment, so that the funds are transferred to employees super fund account.

You can access the details of any created/submitted super batches payments back on the main "Super Batches". From here you can see the batch ID, the Date Created, the Payment Total and the Status of each batch. Clicking on the ID number will open the batch submission details.

The batch status will change as it progresses through the various stages: Created > Draft > Submitted > Success.

Once you see the batch status as "SUCCESS" this states that the funds have reached the employees super fund successfully.

Refunds & Cancellation Notifications

1. Submitted Successfully

2. Batch Partial - Refund Email Notification

This email notification is sent when the funds of the employee are refunded back to the employer's account. Also you will be able to see the reason why the refund was made and for which employee.

Once you fix the issues mentioned in the email and refticy them, you can now create or submit the batch using same reporting period dates.

3. Cancelled Email Notification

This email notification is sent when you failed to make the super batch payment which was submitted earlier and also when you have cancelled it manually.

Here's a video for your reference to create a super batch.

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