You'll be able to edit published and filed pay runs. You might need to edit pay runs in the following scenarios.

  • To change the time period of the pay run

  • Forgot to add an employee to a pay run. Need to remove an employee from a pay run.

  • Need to change employee's pay values like number of hours, or pay rate

  • To add or update any pay items like tax amount, super amount, deductions, expenses, and other incomes

Step 1: Click on "Pay Runs" from the main menu

Step 2: Select the Filed or Published Pay runs

Note: You can only revert one latest "Filed" payrun.

Step 3: Select 'Payrun actions on the top right corner, then click on 'Revert to Draft'

Note: You need to revert a "Published/Filed" payrun to the unpublished status before you can edit it.

Step 4: You can edit any "Unpublished" payrun straight away by selecting the payrun -> edit -> Save -> Publish.

Note: This will allow you to go in and edit the pay run as needed.

Step 5: Now you can "File" the pay run that is in "Published" status at the moment

Note: If you have already submitted STP for this pay run, make sure you file it after you have made the changes.

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