Step 1: Select "Pay Runs" from the main menu.

Step 2: Click on "Create New Pay Run".

Step 3: Select the right "Pay Schedule", "Period Ends On" and the "Payment Date" for the pay run

Note: "Period Starts On" date will automatically update depending on the chosen "Pay Schedule" and "Period Ends On" date.

Step 4: Select "Copy All from Previous Payrun" from "Pay Run Template" and click on "Create".

"Copy All from Previous Payrun" helps you to create a pay run with previous pay values of your last filed/submitted/published pay run with the same pay schedule such as (Weekly/Fortnightly/Monthly).

Note: "Copy All from Previous Pay run" works when you select the same pay schedule such as (Monthly / Weekly / Fortnightly). Make sure the payment schedule is the same as the previous "Filed /Submitted / Published" Pay run.

Step 5: You have now successfully created a pay run with previous pay run values.

Note: Verify all the details, Hours, Base Rate, Taxes, and super and save

Step 6: Click on "Publish" to complete the pay run and generate payslips.

Check "Send payslips now" if you want to send payslips to your employees and click on "Publish"

Step 7: Click on "File Now" to file the pay run to ATO.

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